Forbes Academy: “Structured Corporate Sales System”

After attending a one-day seminar “Structured Corporate Sales System”, you will learn:

  • Systematic sales and generate results every day
  • Raise your influence in customers’ eyes
  • Learn 5 real reasons why customers do not buy
  • How to complete the sales process with a real business deal
  • Find compromises in particularly difficult situations
  • What not to do pre-sales
  • Understand the three basic steps of sales during period of crisis
  • You will learn how customers evaluate crisis
  • How to prepare a pre-sales plan during crisis
  • Successfully learn how to evaluate yourself and the labor market in times of crisis

What you will get from the seminar “Structured Corporate Sales System”?

Most corporate executives worldwide believe that sales of top managers are less in times of crisis. Reason is the  structured approach to sales. According to The New York Times study materials, sales of top managers do not see the difference in sale prior to crisis and during the crisis. The reason is very simple – they have adapted awareness about the crisis in the sales system. In turn, the Financial Times believe that the crisis is a real possibility of sales managers to set their price on the market because latent and ineffective competitors leaves it. The publication also cites compelling statistics: sales of top managers have lost less than of other professions.

Target audience

Company managers; managers who work with corporate clients; senior managers and heads of sales department; financial institutions, crisis managers.