Forbes Club with Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanco

On the 2nd of June 2011, the second Forbes Club event took place, which brought together Latvian business elite to meet with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Special guest of the event was Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy Blanco – a Venezuela born businessman from Russia. Today he owns the largest network of restaurants in the former USSR countries ROSTIK with 300 million dollars in sales and operations in nine countries. Rostislav was the first Russian businessman, who managed to exit the stock market in 2007 with his restaurant company. In Russia, Rostislav received a number of honorary awards, such as “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Among other entrepreneurs he is a recognized as an expert on how to make the local business international.



Rostislav Ordovskiy-Tanaevskiy

President of Rostik Group