FORBES Club with Sergey Belousov

On the 17th of May 2013, Forbes magazine gathered together influential businessmen to meet with successful colleagues from all over the world for the fifth time. This time Sergey Belousov was invited to Forbes Club meeting. Forbes Russia considers Sergey Belousov as one of the five most successful businessmen in Russia, who managed to expand business abroad.

Sergey is a founder of Parallels, Acronis, Acumatica, Rolsen and more than 20 other successful technology companies.

Sergey’s famous company Parallels is a global leader in the software virtualization field. Its software is installed on every sixth Apple computer. 1000 Parallels employees provide a turnover of 150 million dollars. His venture capital fund Runa Capital manages 135 million dollars and is considered as prestigious.

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Sergey Belousov


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